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Friday, November 5, 2010

A Fun Edible Picture

Friday Food

Here is a fun way to serve up lunch.


My youngest loved her lunch being served as a fun edible picture.

What you'll need:



-Pretzel stick


-Fruit Roll-up

-Gel frosting (for the birds)

The How to:

-First place the pretzel stick on the plate. I had to break mine in half because it was too long.

-Then dice up the apple and place the diced pieces around the pretzel stick to make it look like a tree.

-Next cut your bread into the shape of a house (before you make your sandwhich). Then make your child's favorite sandwhich. Save some of the crust for the roof of the house. Then place it on your plate.

- Then cut off a piece of the fruit roll-up to use as a door on the house.

-Scatter the peas around the bottom of the plate...around the bas of the tree and the house so it will look like grass.

-Finally, use the gel frosting to draw some bird flying in the sky.

Then serve it to your kids and watch them enjoy eating it!


Shauna said...

Cute! Does she like to eat frozen peas?

Clammy said...

Yes, if they are not fresh out of the garden she prefers to eat them frozen.

Eve said...

What a cute meal idea. (Every mom should try frozen peas! I was surprised to find that my kids love them.)