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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fruity Soap

 photo soapg_zpsa7a2f659.jpg

What You'll Need:

- Clear pure glycerin soap (I found mine at my local craft store)

- Silicone muffin pan

- Pureed fruit, herbs, or berries of your choice

The How To:

 - First puree (or zest) your ingredients.

 photo soapb_zpsa58fe8cd.jpg

- Next, melt your pure glycerin soap according to the directions on the package.

*Note: I melted 8 blocks of my soap and it gave me 11 small soaps.

 photo Soap_zps7d0a0c39.jpg

- Now it is time to mix your different fruits/herbs/berries into the melted soap.  Be sure to start with adding small amount at first (like a teaspoon of the fruit/herb/berries at a time) until you get the desired consistency and/or color.

- Then pour/spoon it into the muffin pan.  (I put 2 Tablespoons of soap into each muffin slot)

 photo soapc_zps8fdaf093.jpg

- Let you soap cool according to the package directions (probably a couple of hours) until it is hardened.

- Next pop the soap out of the silicone muffin pan and, waalaa, you have some fruity smelling soap.

Oh and be sure to use it within a couple of months.
 photo soapf_zps7ee2d6c5.jpg

Some of the different things i tried in my soaps were: lemon, strawberry, mint.  Then a couple of combos of the above: lemon + strawberry, mint + strawberry
 photo soaph_zps93e1c685.jpg

Since Valentines is right around the corner I think my girls would think it would be fun to each get their own heart shaped fruity soap.

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Patry said...

Veramente originale super facile.Grazie per aver condiviso la tua esperienza. Ci proverò sicuramente.Patry