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Monday, December 6, 2010

Service Tree

About this time of year my Children start to pepper me with all the stuff that they want.  But this Holiday Season I wanted my Children to focus on giving and serving others
  instead of thinking about themselves so much.  Here is an idea that has helped our family.

What you'll need:  
-Clear container of some sort. (Mine is a glass Christmas Tree.)
-Pom pom balls. (Or what ever you choose to fill it with)

What to do:
-Every time your child does a service or is kind to someone else, let them choose a Pom pom to place inside the container.

-Explain to your child that each Pom pom ball represents a gift they are giving to Jesus.  When they are kind and serve others it is as if we are doing it to Jesus. 

-Help your Children learn to look for ways to serve others. Help your Child make the bed of their Brother or Sister and leave a paper heart on their pillow with an 'I Love You' on it. (Make a bunch of paper hearts with I love you on them in advance) Help them see that service,(especially secret service) is fun and will make them, the other person and Jesus happy.   Encourage them to fill the container to the top by Christmas Day! 

-On Christmas Day, before anyone opens any presents, show the whole family how full the container is and praise them for their kindness and service to others.  Express the feelings that Jesus has when we are kind and serve others.

-Now the above ideas a defiantly geared toward younger children. Now if you have teenagers , try filling it with candy or money.  Then pick a family to take it too.  With a note, leave it on their doorstep Christmas morning!  knock and run! 

 I hope this activity helps to make your Christmas Holiday a happier one.


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