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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The End of the Rainbow

Who says rainbows are just for Leprechaun's. Here's your own that you can wear.


What You'll Need:
- Embrodery string

- Scissors

- Safety pin

The How To:
- First pick out your first color.

- Then loosely wrap the string around your wrist. Wrap it around 7 times total. Then cut the string. This is the length you need to make the bracelet.

- Next you will need a second strand of the string the same length as the first one you measured.
- Put the strings together. You will then need to fold the strings in half. Make one side longer than the other. Example: If your total string measured 4 feet then when you fold it to make one side 3 feet long and the shorter end 1 foot long.

- Tie a loop where it is folded in half.

- Now it is time to do a spiral friendship bracelet. If you don't know how to make that here is a quick tutorial.

- Use a safety pin and pin the strings to something to hold them in place while you make your bracelet.

- For this example I used 2 different colors of string to make it easier to see how it is done. The blue string is the longer string and the yellow is the short end.

- 1. First keep the shorter end of the string straight down while doing this. And the longer string keep to the left of the shorter end. (Each end should have 2 strands)

- 2. Bring the longer strand over the short end.


- 3. Now bring the longer strand under the short one and then bring it up (as shown in the picture above).

- 4. Next you will need to pull the knot tight. * When pulling the knot tight be sure to pull the end of the long strand to the right.

- This will cause the knots to 'swirl' around the shorter strand.

-Keep doing this with the long strand until the bracelet fits around your wrist.

- Then do the same thing with the other colors of the rainbow.

-Tie all the strands together at each end of the bracelet and then you can tie it onto your wrist.


We had made a bigger one (we used twice the length of string used for the bracelet) and made it into a headband. My kids are excited to wear their rainbows on St. Patricks Day.



Carolyn (Dragon) said...

That is really cute! I may have to make myself one.

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Sounds like a good girl's camp craft!