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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cheesecloth Ghosts!

Love It

These Ghostly Spirits will be a spooky addition to your Halloween decor.

What you'll need:
-Googly Eyes
-Glue (white all-purpose glue)
-Plastic or paper cups
-Small Balloons (I used water balloons)
-Fishing Line

The how to:

-Tape the bottoms of two cups together. Place a balloon in the mouth of the cup and tape it to the cup.

-Cut the cheesecloth in 12x12 inch. squares. (Each ghost will need two cheesecloth squares)

-Place one cloth in a bowl and squeeze glue over the top. Use your hands to rub the glue into the cloth, squeezing into a tight ball.
-Cloth only needs to be damp with glue not saturated. If you can squeeze glue out of the cloth there is too much.

-Gently unwad the cloth and drape it over the top of balloon.
-Repeat the process with the second cloth and drape it over the first cloth, arranging it so the long corners offset the corners of the first cloth.

-If corners of cloth hang to low simply trim with scissor. Allow to dry completely.

-When dry, hot glue the eyes in place and pop the balloon with a pin.
-Thread the fishing line through the top of the ghost and secure with a knot. It is now ready to hang!


Afreaka said...

For years and years I have been meaning to make these. Yours turned out so cute!

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Spooky cute!

Carolyn (Dragon) said...

transparently awesome!

London Accountants Lady said...

Adorable, I'd want to keep these up all year round!