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Friday, October 8, 2010

Ghoulish drinks

Friday Food
Here are some easy, fun drinks to make for the family.


What you'll need:

-Paper cups

-construction paper



-mini marshmallows

-tooth picks

-hot chocolate (or chocolate milk)

-and frosting (I used the gel kind that comes in the squeeze tube with a small tip)

How to:

-Ok, so now you need to create a mouth to go on your cup. Draw it on your construction paper and then cut it out.

-Next glue it onto your cup.

-Then fill your cups with hot chocolate.

-You will need 2 toothpicks per cup. Stick a marshmallow on each toothpick (be sure to leave enough of the end of the toothpick to be able to overlap it with the other toothpick in order to make it long enough to fit over the mouth of the cup) And then when you overlap the toothpicks stick the end into the marshmallow on the other toothpick (this is so they stay together). I hope I am not confusing you about the whole marshmallow and toothpick thing. :/

Anyway, enjoy! I know my kids sure had fun drinking out of these ghoul-ish cups!