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Monday, October 11, 2010

Brain Cupcakes!

For The Family

Here's a treat your family will 'Think' is sweet!

What You'll Need:
-Cake Mix
-White Frosting (Store bought or Homemade)
-#12 Decorating Tip
-Decorating Bag or Plastic Bag

The how to:
-Bake cupcakes according to directions on box.

-Place #12 tip in decorating bag, or if you don't have a cake decorating tip & bag, cut the tip of a plastic bag to make 1/8 inch opening. Fill bag with frosting.

- Squeeze a line of frosting down the middle of the cupcake (just slightly off center) and around one side meeting up where you started. (creating a semi-circle) Zigzag the frosting back and forth, filling the semi circle. Repeat on other half of cupcake.


Arlene said...

Funny! I'm going to try this!

Kimberly said...

Brain food!