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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Home Made Window Stickers!

The sky is the limit with these cute window stickers!

What You'll Need:
-Fabric Paint
-Glue (white all-purpose glue)
-Glossy page protector
-Graphic image printout
-Paint brush

The how to:-Slide graphic printout into the glossy page protector. Outline the whole image with
the Fabric paint using more than one color if needed. Set aside to dry.

-When your graphic outline is dry, mix about 2/3 parts glue and 1/3 part fabric paint. Mix well.

-Using a paint brush, fill in the image with a generous amount of the glue/paint mixture. (almost overflowing)

-Set aside to dry overnight.

-Once dry, gently peel image off the page protector and place it on your window.


Afreaka said...

Very cool.

Afreaka said...

Does it matter what kind of glue you use?

mjhay said...

I just used Elmers school glue. Any white glue should work.

car window stickers said...

Really very cool! Especially that Halloween is now approaching.

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