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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Toilet Paper Pumpkin

Just For Fun

You'll find this a fun and easy way to start decorating for fall!

What you'll need:
-18x18 inch piece of fabric
-14x14 inch piece of quit batting
-Green felt
-Brown paper lunch bag

The how to:
-Place fabric right side down with batting centered on top. Place one toilet paper roll in center of batting. Wrap fabric around the toilet paper roll by stuffing the corners down the center of the roll.

-Next cut leaf shapes with long stems out of the green felt. (Using a plastic leaf or real leaf as a templet if needed) Stuff the leaf stems down the center of the tube.

-For the pumpkin stem roll up the brown paper lunch bag, starting from the short end and twist it. Stuff the stem down the center of the tube.