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Monday, October 18, 2010

Skeleton scavenger hunt-relay race.

For the Family

Here is a game that is fun for the whole family and not too spooky for the little ones.


What you'll need:

- A skeleton for each team ( we had 2 teams of 2). I did a search for skeletons on the internet and printed off one that I liked.

-Tape or other adhesive material to hang it on the wall.

-And a space on the wall for each team to hang their's up.

The How to:

-I cut the skeleton(s) out ahead of time. And I cut it apart (meaning I cut the head off, the hands off, the feet off, the legs, etc until all the parts of it are seperated.

- Then I hid the pieces to one of the skeletons in the kitchen and the pieces of the other one in the dining room.

-When it was time to play, I had one player from each team run to their designated room to find a piece that went to their skeleton. When they found one they would come back to their team and hang the piece they found on the wall.

-Then the next team member would run and do the same thing.

-The team that gets their skeleton put together first wins.