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Monday, November 15, 2010

Fall Alphabet

For the Family

Another great way to put those fall leaves to use....a leaf alphabet.


What You'll Need:
- White card stock or other stiff paper
-Pressed leaves
-Black marker

The How to:
-Start by giving everyone a piece of card stock.
-Then spread your pressed fall leaves out on the table so you can see the shapes and colors of them.


-Next brainstorm about different things that start with the letters of the alphabet.

-After you have come up with a few different things, start piecing your ideas together on you paper.


- Then glue them into place when you are happy with what you have come up with.

-Next add details to your pictures. Eyes or mouth on the animals, etc.

-Finally you can add the letter of the alphabet that the picture represents or you can create a whole scene made out of leaf creatures.



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