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Friday, November 19, 2010

Jellybean pumpkins

Food Friday

A yummy and cute decoration.


What You'll Need:
- Orange netting or Tulle
- Scissors
- Orange jellybeans
- Green Pipe cleaners
- Different sized bowls to trace
- Marker

The How To:
-First use the marker to trace the bowl onto the orange tulle. My bowls were approximately 5 inches and the other one 8 inches in diameter.

- Then cut out the circles.

- Put some jellybeans on to the tulle and then pull the edges of the tulle up around the jelly beans (so it is like they are in a bag)

- Next wrap the pipe cleaner around the edges of the top of your tulle 'bag.'

-Then, if you wanted to, you can take another pipe cleaner and wrap it around a pen or pencil to make a twirly tendril to come off the top of your pumpkin.


- After you wrap the pipe cleaner around the pencil, slide it off and wrap part of it around the stem of your pumpkin. Leave the other part of the twirl to stick off to the side of the stem.


These make a cute (and tasty) centerpiece for the kids table at Thanksgiving or just a fun treat to put in their lunchboxes.


mjhay said...

So cute!

Two Succulent Sisters said...

Super darling!!

Two Succulent Sisters said...

Would love to have you link up with our PUMPKIN PARTY. Best wishes for Fall, Linda


Smart Girl said...

Love this! Going to use as goody bags for my daughter's Halloween/birthday party. Thanks for the great idea!

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