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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hand Print Snowman Ornament

Here's a fun activity for the family or a school Christmas Project!

What you'll need:
-Blue plastic ornaments (Or any color you choose)
-White Paint
-Colored Sharpie Markers (Your choice)

The how to:
-Paint your Child's hand with the white paint.
-Slowly wrap your their hand around the bottom of the ornament. Making sure all the fingers touch the ornament. Or you'll end up with a floating snowman head like mine.
-Hang up to dry.
-When dry use the colored Sharpie markers to draw the hat, scarf, face, arms and buttons on the snowman.

And there you have it!  
A sweet keepsake ornament your Child will look forward to placing on the tree each year!


Afreaka said...

OMGosh - I love this!

Carolyn (Dragon) said...

Now that's a new way to save a child's hand-print. Love it!