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Friday, January 21, 2011

Felt HeartFlower

Here's a fun way to use hearts to make a flower.

 What you'll need:

-Red & Green Felt
-Red Tulle
-Green Pompom ball
-Alligator Clip
-Needle & Thread
-Red Ribbon (Optional)
-Hot Glue

The how to:

-Cut a paper heart out of paper to use as a stencil.

-Fold the Red felt over and secure with pins.

-Place the fold of the paper heart on the fold of the felt and trace around the heart.

-Cut out the hearts.  You'll need 4 hearts.

-Cut your Tulle so it is the height of one heart and the width of 4 hearts.

-Fold the Tulle in half.  The fold should be in the center of the heart.

-With the needle and thread sew through the center of the heart on the edge of the tulle.

-Sew all 4 hearts through the center.

-Once all 4 hearts have been connected, sew through the middle of the first heart again.  This will connect the chain of hearts.

-Gently pull the thread so that the hearts cluster tightly.

-Fold back the bottom tip of each heart, and stitch the green Pompom ball into the center of the heart cluster.

-Cut two leave shapes of of the green felt.

-Stitch the leaves into place on the back of the flower.

-If desired, Hot glue ribbon onto the top half of the clip.  This will help prevent the clip from sliding out of your hair. Make sure to use ribbon with texture, like Grosgrain ribbon.

-Hot Glue your flower onto the clip.
It's done!

You can clip this flower in your hair, on a head band or even on your hat!

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