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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Food - Mummies and Eyeballs!

Do you want to make Halloween dinner even more spooky than usual?  :)  
Then try these fun and silly foods.  Your Family will love them!

What you'll need for the Mummies!
-Hot dogs
-Tube of biscuit dough.

What you'll need for the Eyeballs!
-Mashed potatoes
-Olive slices (Green olives would work too!)
-Something for the eye center. (I used green frosting gel)

 How to make the Mummies:

-Cut biscuit dough into thin strips.
-Stretch dough into long strips.

-Wrap dough strips around the hot dog leaving an opening at the top for the eyes.

-Cook the dough wrapped hot dog in the oven according to biscuit dough instructions.

-Add two dots of Mustard in the opening for the eyes.


How to make the Eyeballs:
-Make your mashed potatoes and scoop them onto a plate using an ice cream scoop.
-Place a sliced olive on top and fill the center.  (I used green frosting gel.  But you could use Mustard or a pickle slice.  Use your imagination!)
-Last, use ketchup to squiggle the blood veins down the sides.

Hope you enjoy this creepy fun Halloween dinner!


Kimberly said...

I've made the mummy dogs before, but not the eyeballs. I'll have to try them next time!

Meow Opre said...

I was looking for more Halloween Recipes and found your blog site. I hope it’s fine with you if I could pin some of these photos on my Pinterest boards. Thank you and keep sharing :D They look yummy than scary btw! Haha

London Serviced Apartment Lady said...

These are awesome, I've seen sweets being made into Halloween treats but not actual meals! That's so cool!

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