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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Peep Pops

I am not the biggest Peeps fan, but I just couldn’t resist how cute they look when dipped in chocolate!

So here is one for all you Peep lovers.  =)
What You’ll Need:
- Dipping chocolate or chocolate bark (I used milk and white chocolate)
- Peeps
- Lollipop sticks (found at craft stores) or other type of sticks (I used some wooden skewers I had on hand and cut the pointy tip off of them)
- Various sprinkles

The How To:
- First melt your chocolate according to the directions on the package.
- Then dip the end of the stick into the chocolate to help the peep stay on the stick better.
- Let it cool a little bit before sticking your peep on the end of it.
- Next using a spoon put the chocolate all over the peep.
- To help smooth out the chocolate and to make it cover the peep evenly I tapped the stick on the side of my bowl to help the excess drip off the peep.
- When it stopped dripping I then spooned/ shook/ or sprinkled the different sprinkles on the chocolate peep.  (to help avoid a big mess and waisting all your sprinkles, place a bowl/plate/ or other dish under it as you ad sprinkles)
- I placed them upright while they dried/hardened.  I used a paper cup and poked some holes in it with the sticks.  You could also use some styrofoam to stick them in (but I didn’t have that on hand so I opted for a paper cup)
- As soon as they are hardened you can enjoy them!  =)

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