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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A drink of many colors


To make this fun drink you will need:

- A cup
- Ice cubes
- Diet 7-up or Sprite
- Wild berry gatorade Fierce
- Lite CranGrape Juice

But really you can use any kind of juice/soda....they just need to have different amounts of sugar in them.

The How to:
- First fill your cup to the top with ice.

- Next pour in the drink that has the MOST sugar in it. In this case it is the Wildberry gatorade.

-Then VERY gently pour the drink with the 2nd most sugar (the lite crangrape juice) slowly onto an ice cube. Doing this will help keep the flavors/colors from mixing together.

- Now comes the last drink (Diet 7-up). Do the same with it as the last one....pouring slowly over the ice.

And there you have it. A drink of many colors.


Merry said...

That is a cute idea!

Trina said...

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