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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Santa Clause Christmas Countdown

Here's a fun way for your children to count down the days until Christmas!

-First find a Santa image on line. (Make sure it has a nice full beard!)
 -Put the numbers on the image before you print it, or write the numbers on the Santa after you print it.  The numbers will be covered up so it doesn't matter. 

-Have your child color the Santa.

-Then for every day of the month have your child glue a cotton ball on that number.
(We pulled the cotton balls apart and only used half for each number.)

In the end Santa will have a beautiful white beard and nicely trimmed hat.

Happy Counting!


Sandra Johnson said...

Watch Beverly Hoodz Presents - There Is No Such Thing As Santa Claus ..!!

Geoma Loons said...

Amazing post with amazing picture!
Really , Santa Clause Christmas Countdown is awesome for any baby !
This is a more interesting blog!
Love your blog so much!
I will visit your blog regularly for more updates post!
Thanks a lot!