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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dancing Colored Milk

My kids 'ooo-ed' and 'ahhh-ed' as they watched their dancing milk.   They would shout things like 'Look what color mine is now!' or 'Wow!'

And it was such an easy experiment and it opened up discussion as to why that is happening to the milk (so we did some research on the internet about it)

 photo Milkb_zps21d94d32.jpg

What You'll Need:
- A little container/dish/ or bowl

- A little bit of Whole Milk (you will need enough milk to cover a little bit more than just the bottom of your dish).  (skim milk won't work...this experiment has a lot to do with the fat content in the milk)

- Different colors of food coloring (liquid NOT gel food coloring)

- Liquid Dish Soap

The How To:
- First, fill your container with a little more milk than you would need to cover the bottom of it.

- Next, add a drop here and there of the food coloring of your choice to the bowl.  You can use as few or as many colors as you want.....just remember that too many different colors may produce a muddy color)

***Tip-  I found that this activity is best done on a surface that won't shake if bumped (we ended up doing this on the cement outside).***

 photo Milka_zps1b1839e2.jpg

 photo Milkd_zpsef3cd3f0.jpg

- Now comes the magic......add a drop of the liquid soap to the milk (if you are doing this with little kids, you may want to add the drop of soap for them.....we found that too much soap kinda ruins the dancing effect.

- Then sit back and watch your milk!

We had fun looking at the different patterns that would show up and the colors that would disapear and then reappear later.

 photo milke_zps58e3f85f.jpg

 photo milkf_zps31b7597f.jpg

 photo Milkc_zps5d6e0047.jpg

Honestly, these pictures don't do this activity justice!  But give it a shot with your kids!  Mine sure loved it!


Jam Hsu said...

very funny! Amazing thing! I will try it myself!
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Tom Red Monkey said...
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Tom Red Monkey said...

Love this experiment! Who'd have thought milk would react like that? Our kids loved trying this out - and it made us think of new ways to add some colour to our kids' water play, too. Check them out!

Marci Cole said...

Hi, I'm curious what you found the reason/s to be that the mixture reacted that way?