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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Where's Tom Turkey Game

Here is a fun and silly game for the family to play 
throughout the month of November!

Where's Tom Turkey?

Here's how to play:

Buy or make a turkey that is small enough to hide but large enough to be found. 

Take turns hiding Tom the turkey in creative spots, doing creative things where
 others are sure to find him.  

The trick is being the first to find him!
Who ever finds Tom the turkey has the honor of hiding him the next day.  
It's really fun to see what silly things your family will have the turkey doing!
(Like raiding the candy jar or reading a book!)

Adapt the game to fit your individual family.
 (Keep score on the most turkey finds or have a family vote on the most creative turkey setup.)   
Make it your own and have fun playing - Where's Tom Turkey?


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