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Friday, January 24, 2014

A Kiss Countdown

Here is a fun way to count down the days until Valentines Day.  After all...who doesn't love to get kisses?

What You'll Need:
- A bag of Hershey Kisses
- 25 - 30 inches of Plastic Wrap (like Saran Wrap) Mine was 12 x27 inches long
- Twine or ribbon

The How To:
- First lay your piece of plastic wrap out on a table

- Then lay out two rows of 13 kisses on the plastic wrap.  (see photo 1 below)

- Now fold one side of the plastic wrap over the rows of kisses. And now fold the other side of the plastic wrap over the kisses. (see photo 2 below)

- Next, you will use your twine/ribbon to tie the plastic wrap into 13 sections.  2 kisses will be in each section. (see photo 3 below)

-Then you can embellish it with ribbon, hearts, or what ever you want (photo 4)
 I tied on a piece of twine that was long enough to allow me to hang the countdown on door knobs or coat hooks or whatever.

The countdown is meant to start on February 1st.

 photo KissCountdown1_zpsdbe3c124.jpg

 photo KissCountdown3_zpsa6708954.jpg

 photo KissCountdown2_zps68f6e249.jpg 

My kids are excited to start getting their 'kisses' each day.  =)

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