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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gift Toppers

An adorable way to put some of your cardstock to use as a gift topper.

What You'll Need:
- Card Stock

- Scissors

- Glue Gun

The How To:
-First cut a square out of your card stock. It doesn't need to be a perfect square. (This one is 5x5)


-Next draw a swirl filling the whole square. The farther apart the lines the 'taller' the flower and the closer together the lines the 'shorter/flatter' it will be.


-Now you can either cut or tear the paper along the line.


-Then, begining with the center of your swirl, start rolling it. I started by rolling it tightly at first and then looser as I went on.


- When the flower looks how you want it to, put a drop of hot glue on the end and push it to the flower so it won't come loose/unraveled.

-The next 2 pictures show the difference of if you cut the swirl or tear the swirl. Look at the edges of the flowers to see the difference.



-Now, if you noticed you can see the table through the flower. So I cut a circle and hot glued it onto the bottom of the flower.


-Then hot glue it onto the present you want to decorate.



Shauna said...

So pretty. Will you come decorate all my gifts?

Afreaka said...

You have such pretty cardstock.

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Another one I'll have to remember for Valentine's Day gifts!