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Monday, December 20, 2010

Photo Wreath

What better way to decorate for the holidays than with this photo wreath of your loved ones.

What you'll need:
-Paper (2 colors)
- Glue
-Scissors & Pattern Scissors
The how to:
-Use a cup to trace the circles around your pictures.  Cut them out.

 -Glue the photos to your first paper choice and cut a circle, 1/4 inch larger than your photo.
-Glue photos second paper and cut around it with the pattern scissors.

-To make your wreath more stable you'll need to cut a cardboard circle to glue your pictures onto.   To do this place all your photos in a circle and find a plate or dish that can be used to trace the cardboard circle.  Make sure the dish stays within the picture ring.

-Cut out the cardboard ring and glue your photos onto the ring.

-Glue or tape the ribbon onto the back of wreath and tie the bow.  


britty said...

Love this idea I just need to get a few more family members to make a full circle:) 3 1/2 just dosen't work to well.

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

I like Scott in a glass. :)

Very fun idea. I love your pictures, too!

Anonymous said...

This would be a good idea to make with my school kids to take home for Christmas at my small private school where we only have 5-7 kids per class. They could each make one with all the peple in the class.
From Connie