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Monday, January 3, 2011

Wall Stickers

 You can create anything you want with this simple way to make homemade wall stickers.

 What you'll need:
-Contact Paper
-Acrylic Paint
-Paint Brush
-Mod Podge (Optional)
-Picture Stencil 

The how to:
-Place your picture under the contact paper and trace your pictures 
onto the paper side of the contact paper.

-This next step will help the paint stick better to the contact paper.  Take some sandpaper and gently go over the glossy surface of the contact paper in a crisscross pattern.  This will help the paint have something to hold onto and reduce the possibility of the paint peeling off the glossy contact paper.

-Paint over the top of the traced shapes.  Let it dry completely. 

(Next Step is optional)
-Then if you want to give it a glossy look, gently paint over the top of the paint with Mod Podge. 
(I added glitter to my Mod Podge)

-Once it's completely dry, cut out your shapes.

-Gently peel the paper backing off the Contact Paper and stick it on the wall.  The paint can still be scratch and rub off, so be very careful as you peel.  And place them out of reach of children who love to scratch.