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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Egg Lunch Hunt

After an Easter Egg hunt I find myself telling my Children, 
"You can choose three eggs.  If you eat too much candy you could get sick!"

With this special egg hunt you can surprise your Children by saying,
 "Go ahead and eat everything in all your eggs!"

You'll need Jumbo size Easter Eggs & an assortment of finger foods.  Be creative!  What ever you can think of that will fit in your eggs.
Some of the things we put in our eggs were: Carrots, Cheese sticks (cut & folded in half), Grapes, Goldfish crackers, Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwiches (cut in half then cut in thirds), and Cookies. 

Go outside and hide your eggs... let the hunt begin!

To make sure all our children got one of each food variety we had them hunt for their very own color.  If you have a large group you can have them search for one of each color.  (Just make sure you fill each color with the same food.  Example: All yellow eggs have grapes, all blue eggs have crackers...)

After all the eggs are found sit down together for a picnic lunch!

As we ate our Easter egg lunch we talked of all the kinds of foods we could put in our eggs next year.  We were even thinking of breakfast foods! 
Have fun!

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