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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Glass Mushrooms

So here is a super easy way to add some fun to your garden.

Glass mushrooms!

What You'll Need:

-  Glass vases or goblets from your local thrift store

-  Glass bowls from the thrift store 

-  Glue meant for glass (I found some at my craft store)

 photo GlassMushroom_zpsde79c3a2-1.jpg

The How To:
-  First read the instructions on how to apply and use the glass glue that you purchased

-  Then put the glue on the rim of the vase or goblet

-  Now center the bowl on the top of the vase/goblet and let the glue dry according to package directions.

-  Let it dry for the amount of time indicated on on the glue package.

That's it!  

Now find that perfect spot in your garden to display your mushrooms.  =)

 photo GlassMushroom2_zps63a35a1d-1.jpg