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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cute Ruffle Scarf

My kids just love this ruffle scarf made out of old t-shirts.


What You'll Need:

- 2 old T-shirts

- Fabric Scissors

- Sewing machine

- Measuring tape

- Pins

The How To:
- First find 2 old shirts made out of t-shirt material that are no longer worn.


- Then cut them into strips. For a child size I would use 3 strips that are 55- 60 inches long and 3, 4, and 5 inches wide. (making the finished product around 35-40 inches long)

For an adult one, I would use strips 65-70 inches long and 4, 6, and 8 inches wide.

- Next, put your 3 stips on top of each other....biggest to smallest....lining up the ends so they match up.


- Then pin them together

- Now, on your sewing machine, set your thread to the longest stitch and thread tension fairly loose. I think it is also called a basting stitch. DO NOT BACK STITCH THE BEGINNING OR ENDS OF YOUR STITCH ROWS.

- And sew 2 lines down your scarf.


- Now you want to gather your fabric. Do this by, on one of your row of stitches, taking one of the threads (either the thread from the bobbin or the top thread) and hold it tight(not so hard that you break your thread) while kind of sliding the fabric down the thread. (I hope this is making sense)


- This will make the fabric gather.

- Then, do the same to the second thread.


- Arrange your gathers until they are too your liking. I ended up making more gathers at the ends of the scarf and the middle of the scarf just barely gathered.

- Then put your sewing maching back on a regular stitch (not a loose or a big stitch) and sew right over your pervious basting stitches. This will lock your gathers in place.


- And thats that. You have your ruffle scarf. I later added a flower for an embelishment.


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